I love working with people, tools, and creativity to accomplish big goals. Whether a complete studio build or on-set Art Direction, I give my absolute all to each and every project - the more difficult, the better. I am a stickler when it comes to light and love every day I get to work in this industry.

Some of my favorites so far would be- bringing Zazzle their first studio, cleaning up their creative and ultimately helping to take them from $100 million to $550 million in less than two years. Or when starting at Touch of Modern, simply creating a 5 day lead time resulted in a 90% decrease in costs, evened out the workload, allowed for each client to review their sale/make changes before going live and most importantly- the team didn’t have to stay until 9pm every night. Or here at THG where we built a full service studio to serve more than 40 brands, from athletics to fashion to beauty; now using technology to sync our 6 studios across the world- maximizing everything from our creative potential to locations to saving millions on shipping costs alone.

Like my favorite writer, Hunter S. Thompson, always said, “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” Life is way too short and there is far too much to accomplish, hope you're having as much fun as I am! :) -Matthew


Current and Previous Clients include: The Hut Group, LookFantastic, SkinStore, SkinCareRX, Glossybox, Loungefly, MyProtein, Touch of Modern, DoorDash, Saundra Saulnier, Zazzle, Coldwater Creek, JC Penny, Munchkin, Bamboo, Bikini.com, IdealFIT, IdealRaw, Bohemia, SunSki, BattleBorn, D'Atlantis Watches, JJ Winters Handbags, Gloveables, Supermodels Unlimited, Koo Koo Roo, Vegas.com, Cream Magazine, D Magazine, LaMode Magazine and many more.